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Why Finnish envelopes are ideal for automated processing on the machines?

1. Years of experience in the use of different machines for automatic processing (See Certificates).

2. Envelopes «Factory envelopes Turku» are made of special high quality paper «UPM-letter»
- Paper is always the same, the same quality, which eliminates interference and failures in promoting the envelopes through the machine,
- Is impervious paper invented specifically for envelopes for automatic processing.

3. Valve envelopes «Factory envelopes Turku» as a result of changes and improvements based on many years of experience, is ideally suitable for automatic form processing
- It is important to flexion valve,
- Is particularly important to form the side edges and the corner cut the envelope under the flap.

4. Window envelope firmly pasted,
- Nested materials easily penetrate into the envelope, not prikleivayas to the window,
- The window at this point remains in place, not otvalivayas,
- Use the best on the market envelopes, glue for boxes prikleyki (National Starch & Chemical).

5. The envelopes are manufactured on modern new lines, which allows the size of the envelopes of the same, and the edges bend - smooth and clear,
- This is to prevent interference with the automatic processing of the envelope.

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A95 g/m^2 без заливки
AK95 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка, клей
Primus90-100 g/m^2 серая внутреняя заливка
U75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
UK75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага, внутренняя коричневая заливка
V70-85 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
R80 g/m^2
RK80 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка
Iбольшое окно 60x90мм
KIконверт с окном
Panoramaлицевая сторона конверта - окно
SSSконверт с силиконовой отрывной лентой