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For those who wants to get high-quality envelopes of the Finnish, Italian or Russian manufacture with significant benefit for itself we we offer some variants of reception of discounts:

At scheduled purchase of our production under the diagram coordinated with us you may receive the exclusive prices which will stay for you constants on all time of action of the contract.
At single purchase of production large by the gross and an advance payment of 30 % from cost of the order you receive the special prices and an opportunity further to carry out the order under the same prices already at fine wholesale.
At an advance payment of 100 % and the order of production two weeks prior to delivery - we shall be glad to work with you always and in any weather.

The offer of week.

Package with an air pillow from polythene an easy and strong package for sending subjects demanding protection against mechanical damages. An external layer a white paper, an internal layer - special air pillows from polythene. The size internal 120x210 mm. The price - 5500 roubles for 1000 pieces including the VAT of 18 %.

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A95 g/m^2 без заливки
AK95 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка, клей
Primus90-100 g/m^2 серая внутреняя заливка
U75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
UK75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага, внутренняя коричневая заливка
V70-85 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
R80 g/m^2
RK80 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка
Iбольшое окно 60x90мм
KIконверт с окном
Panoramaлицевая сторона конверта - окно
SSSконверт с силиконовой отрывной лентой