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Packages of polypropylene film are applied widely for packing any kind of non-food products. High transparency allows the buyer a good look at the goods. Packages are made of various types as:

- With the valve and without
- With the adhesive layer (adhesive tape), or without,
- With bottom fold,
- Printed,
- Packages with two or more holes.

If the valve one side of the package above the other, longer side of the top of the package is closed. At the valve may be caused by the glue layer (tape). Scotch tape used in packaging to ensure that the buyer could open the package, consider the packaged product in it and then close the package. The integrity of the package is not broken, open and close the package can be many times. Bottom pleat gives the package volume. It serves to ensure that the package fits snugly products and retain its shape.

On the package may be marked way flexographic printing up to 6 colors. When printing a minimum consignment of 30 000 pieces, depending on package size, with smaller amounts flexography unprofitable. Active pre-press to the design layout and manufacturing fleksoform.

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A95 g/m^2 без заливки
AK95 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка, клей
Primus90-100 g/m^2 серая внутреняя заливка
U75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
UK75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага, внутренняя коричневая заливка
V70-85 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
R80 g/m^2
RK80 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка
Iбольшое окно 60x90мм
KIконверт с окном
Panoramaлицевая сторона конверта - окно
SSSконверт с силиконовой отрывной лентой