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Why did the Finnish envelopes are ideal for printing?

1. An important factor of high quality paper «UPM-letter»,
- No paper dust - an opportunity to excellent, high-quality printing,
- Paper has a strong and stiff - good passes through the printing machine,
- The quality of the paper is always the same - the quality of printing final result
always remains higher.

2. The envelopes are manufactured on modern new lines, which allows the size of the envelopes of the same, and the edges bend - straight and clear,
- These facts prevent interference due to the envelope when printing.

3. The envelopes are packed in strong, elegant boxes,
- The boxes can be used for the delivery of the final customer.

Our envelopes meet the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 (certificate number № 38503-2008-AQ-FIN-FINAS) and ISO 14001 (certificate number 38502-2008-AE-FIN-FINAS), and have a certificate number 2003-MAAL to use the machine for the automated processing of envelopes Neopost.

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A95 g/m^2 без заливки
AK95 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка, клей
Primus90-100 g/m^2 серая внутреняя заливка
U75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
UK75-90 g/m^2 переработанная бумага, внутренняя коричневая заливка
V70-85 g/m^2 переработанная бумага
R80 g/m^2
RK80 g/m^2 голубая внутренняя заливка
Iбольшое окно 60x90мм
KIконверт с окном
Panoramaлицевая сторона конверта - окно
SSSконверт с силиконовой отрывной лентой